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T104B low base synthetic calcium sulfonate detergent is manufactured from good quality raw materials and has better detergency and dispersancy and rust protection. It is used in all kinds of engine oil.

Storage and Handling:
In the storage, loading/unloading and blending. The maximum temperature is 65ºC; if in long time storage we suggest the Max. Temperature is 50ºC. Avoid contact with water and moist air. Packing in 200L drum, net weight is 185Kg/drum. The warranty period is 24 months.


Physical and Chemical Properties:




Test Method

Density at 20℃, g/cm3


ASTM D - 4052

KV@ 100℃, mm2/s

150 max.

ASTM D - 445

Flash Point(COC),℃

170 min.

ASTM D - 92

Turbidity JTU

200 max.

LGA – JIU - 1

TBN., mgKOH/g

20 min.

ASTM D - 2896

Ca content,m%

2 min.

ASTM D - 4628