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Ashless Dispersant Series


T151 is mono succinic imide ashless dispersant from high reactive PIB. It has good control of low temperature sludge and high temperature deposit. It is also has good dispersancy of low temperature sludge and also good solubility of high temperature soot. Combined with detergent and ZDDP it could make high quality PCMO. Also it is a main raw material for fuel additive. Our thermal process is better than Chlorine process in terms of better product quality in oxidation inhibition and dispersancy and also environmental friendly because it is chlorine free.

Storage and Handling:

In the storage, loading/unloading and blending. The maximum temperature is 65ºC; if in long time storage we suggest the Max. Temperature is 50ºC. Avoid contact with water and moist air. Packing in 200L drum, net weight is 185Kg/drum. The warranty period is 24 months.


Physical and Chemical Properties:




Test Method 

Density at 20℃, Kg/m3

850 min.

ASTM D - 4052

KV@100℃, mm2/s

230 max.

ASTM D - 445

Flash Point(COC),℃

180 min.

ASTM D - 92

N content, m%

2.0 min.

ASTM D - 3228

Water, m%

0.10 max.

ASTM D - 95

TBN., mgKOH/g

45 min.

ASTM D - 2896