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Additive Package

WX3326(CF-4 SL SM)

WX3326 is a high quality universal engine oil additive package . Its API CF-4/SL/SM engine oil has excellent high temperature detergency, antioxidation, antiwear and anticorrosion properties.

Storage and Handling:
In the storage, loading/unloading and blending. The maximum temperature is 65ºC; if in long time storage we suggest the Max. Temperature is 50ºC. Avoid contact with water and moist air. Packing in 200L drum, net weight is 185Kg/drum. The warranty period is 24 months.


Performance Level SAE Viscosity Treat rate m%
API CF-4 30,10W/30,15W/40,20W/40,20W/50 6.8
API SL 30,10W/30,15W/40,20W/40,20W/50 7.5
API SM 30, 5W/30,10W/30,15W/40,20W/40 9.0



Physical and Chemical Properties:




Test Method

Flash Point (COC),℃

170 min.

ASTM D - 92

KV@100℃, mm2/s


ASTM D - 445

Density at 20℃, g/cm3


ASTM D - 4052

TBN. , mg KOH/g

80 min.

ASTM D - 2896

P m%


ASTM D - 4628

Zn m%


ASTM D - 4628

Ca m%

2.5 min.

ASTM D - 4628

N m%

0.7 min

ASTM D - 3228